Vehicles Management and Follow-up Solutions



GSTC Company offers integrated solutions for managing and monitoring the mobile vehicles, enabling the business owner, and those responsible for the movements of the vehicles, to directly monitor the vehicles and their locations. The service also includes:

  • Direct system for monitoring the vehicles.
  • Determine the maintenance schedule and its costs.
  • Prepare comprehensive reports of vehicles, which comprise of the working and stopping times, as well as the routes used.
  • Prepare reports of operation duration, opening the doors, fuel consumptions and speed.
  • Set controls on the vehicles, identify traffic violations and obtain reports with this regard.
  • Improve the performance and efficiency of the vehicle and the staff working on it.

The service also includes employee and management training on dealing with the rendered services in accordance to a detailed work development plan consistent with the business needs, the size of the enterprise and the expectations for all the operating stages.