Workshops Qualifying & Service Center Solutions


GSTC Company provides integrated solutions for various maintenance workshops and customer service centers, such as:

  • Determine the mechanism of work within the workshop / the center.
  • Customer follow-up and technical support programs.
  • Prepare the documentary cycle and automate it.
  • Staff and technicians training.
  • Establish the rules and regulations according to the standard criteria.
  • Link the branches and the service centers.
  • Identification and staff uniforms.
  • «Think Commercially» course for workshops’ team members.
  • Integrate the workshops, service centers and customer service.
  • Save the operational costs.
  • Improve the performance and competency.
  • Increase the production capacity of the workshops and the service centers

The service also includes employee and management training on dealing with the rendered services in accordance to a detailed work development plan, consistent with the business needs, the size of the enterprise and the expectations for all the operating stages.